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The Students at FBC meet in the Refuge, located above the Fellowship Hall. This area has been equipped with a pool, ping pong and fosse ball table along with couches and TVs for hanging out. But, most importantly this area has been dedicated and blessed by God for the teaching of His Word and furthering relationships with Him and one another. We meet in the Refuge on Sunday mornings for youth driven and led meetings.

Sunday mornings following the 9 a.m. main service the youth meet in the Refuge for a time of fellowship and studying of God’s Word. Sunday Night has been reserved for students to join the corporate body in fellowship and prayer called FOCUS Worship and Prayer. This is a great time to see what God does in the midst of those that call upon Him. When we humble ourselves and pray, God has promised to hear from heaven. He does hear and often moves because of our prayers.

This summer the Students will be participating in Summer Camp. Our plans have not been solidified but we are praying about the Dominican Republic, as well as local missions.

We enjoy ski trips, swimming, paintball, VBS, and many other activities on a regular basis. We are very excited about FBC Youth SERVE. This allows students the opportunity and privilege to serve the church and local community in many ways. One week we may be pulling weeds and the next out visiting or spending time with those in need of companionship.

The students at FBC want to make an impact on this community and the world. Come be a part of the impact we are making and see how God works in your life. Gain a desire to know Him through studying His Word and see what begins to happen in your life. We look forward to seeing you soon!!
For more information feel free to call Pastor Mario Parga @ 505-325-4528.

For current information or updates email Pastor Mario @