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           Church-Wide Schedule Readjustment

A successful experiment is one that gives the scientist or researcher the information they need to prove or disprove a theory.
We’ve just finished one of those. We spent the last year conducting discipleship courses on Sunday evenings and Focus Worship and
Prayer on Wednesday. We wanted to evaluate whether that schedule would allow more people to participate in each opportunity to learn,
worship, pray and grow together.
While there were some beneficial results of the change, most of the results (and personal feedback) indicate we should return to the schedule
we used   before. That means, beginning in January, Focus   Prayer and Worship will be held at 6:00 pm on Sunday evenings and
Discipleship Training courses will return to Wednesday evenings.
Yes, we will still have our fellowship meals on Wednesdays at the same time. Come from work, grab a great supper and be ready for
Dave Ramsey, RAs, GAs, “Experiencing God”, “Walking as Jesus Walked”, “Mentor”, and others.
Sunday evening will welcome a different format. We’re going to move the prayer service into Fellowship Hall. We’ll invite everyone to come
at 5:00 pm and share supper (pot luck) around the tables and then worship and pray together in this more intimate setting.

Yes, it’s another experiment. Don’t you want to find out in person how successful it will be? I do too!

To summarize and recap:
*Beginning January 18: Focus Prayer returns
  to Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in Fellowship Hall.
*Beginning January 21: Discipleship Training     
   returns to Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm.


                        From the Heart of Pastor Keith                        

Transformational Church

For almost 10 years now you’ve heard me talk about our church as the means God would use to transform our community. In fact, for  
 most of this past decade we have expressly stated in our church’s vision statement our desire to be used by God in this way.
Lifeway Christian Resources has recently developed some very exciting tools with just such a vision in mind. These are going to help
us understand and take intentional steps to becoming what we’ve sensed God leading us toward for almost a decade.
The basic definition of a transformational church is one in which (1) people are becoming like Christ, (2) the church acts like His body and
(as a result) (3) the community around the church begins to reflect the kingdom of God. (Go back and re-read and think about each of
those characteristics and how exciting each one will be as we see them become realities in the coming year.)
To become this kind of church we are going to involve every member in an intentional process to discern, embrace and engage in God’s
unique purpose for First Baptist Farmington.
In discerning, we will ask everyone to answer questions that will help us determine where we are, who we are, and what we are doing.
In embracing, we will come to a conclusion together about the proper values we need to prioritize to become a transformational church.
In engaging, we will develop and implement a strategy to take right actions in regard to what God is revealing to us.
Did you notice the pronoun? “We will…” is a critical key to each step of this endeavor. One person can’t do this. A small team can’t do this. To become a transformational church, the whole church must commit to the goal. Every one of us will be called on to make a significant contribution to the process. And because of that, every one of us can look forward to celebrating a day in the very near future when we will actually see the community around us reflecting God’s kingdom. Begin to imagine that day right now!
I don’t have the words to express how excited I am to begin this journey with you. Would you begin praying with me today that God will prepare us for ALL He has in store – the work AND the reward?
More details are coming. Stay alert. Watch and pray!