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Winter Semester will begin Wednesday January 21, 2015

Dave Ramsey's: Financial Peace University  $97 - See below.

Dave Ramsey’s: “The Legacy Journey”   $97 - See below.


We offer three semesters-fall, winter and summer.  Please check the website frequently for updates and announcements. 

Some of the courses we offer include:


     Most people struggle to make ends meet.  They just have too much month left at the end of their money.  If you have made mistakes and feel like your money vanishes each month, you are not alone.  In fact, 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of income.  Financial Peace University is designed to teach you and your family how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and build wealth.  Classmembers meet for 9 weeks to watch the video lesson and participate in discussions that will change your whole attitude about money.
The introductory class will help you to decide if you are ready to commit to the class financially and timewise.

Dave Ramsey’s: “The Legacy Journey”
“This is Dave’s newest class and the long awaited follow up to Financial Peace University.
In 7 lessons, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about wealth, and you'll receive the practical tools for living and leaving a legacy.”
You will learn about: Stewardship, investment, contentment, purposeful living,  estate planning, generosity & understanding relationaldifferences.
     Dynamic Marriage is about transformation, not just information!  Dynamic Marriage is a powerful, eight week marriage enrichment course that creates real and lasting change.  Unlike many other marriage classes, its distinctive format encourages couples to break through barriers to intimacy, not just talk about them.  During the eight weeks, couples meet to discuss new concepts, develop new skills and delve into the unique 'dynamics' of their own marriage. Dynamic Love is a follow up refresher course you can take after you have been through Dynamic Marriage.

     The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 13 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett.  This study is a starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective.  Each lesson discusses in great detail the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life. 

      Often Bible stories are taught as just that-stories, nice accounts that, although they may have a moral message, have no real bearing on the world around us.  The Bible, the history book of the universe, has become disconnected from the real world.  Although recognizing it as important for Christian living, we do not give the Bible its rightful place as the authority on all matters it touches on-history, geology, astronomy, etc.  Answers in Genesis provides biblical answers to tough questions about creation, evolution, and the Bible.

BIBLE STUDIES by Various Authors
Our ladies enjoy Bible studies from well known authors such as Beth Moore, Stormie Omartian and others.  Our men also get together for Bible studies throughout the year.

Experiencing God
God is inviting you to experience Him in an intimate love relationship through which
He reveals to you His will, His ways, and His work.
Through the biblical principles in this course, God can teach you how to -
* know when He is speaking to you;
* recognize His activity around you;
* adjust your life to Him and His ways;
*identify what He wants to do through you;
*respond to His activity in your life.